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Volume Five is one of the bands that are on my personal ‘must see’ list. Glen Harrell is one of the best lead singers in bluegrass. See them and you will understand my feelings about this band.”

Bluegrass Today

Glen Harrell accepting the IBMA Song of the Year Award in Raleigh, NC.

Glen Harrell, lead singer, fiddler player and band leader.

"This is a very good group of musicians who stick to the traditional instrumentation while augmenting the songs with contemporary approaches and arrangements. Harrell’s leading singing and the band’s playing is solid," Bluegrass Unlimited album review for KARMA 2023.

"Ultimately, For Those Who Care To Listen makes the case that everyone ought to be listening, and listening intently at that. Be assured it’s well worth whatever time is taken." Bluegrass Today

“With soaring vocals, meaningful songs, and concise instrumentation, the album has highlights that would attract anyone who would care to listen.” California Music Association, Bluegrass Breakdown album review "For Those Who Care To Listen" 2019 Mountain Fever Records

"The whole album is top-notch, and worthy of attention from anyone who appreciates contemporary bluegrass performed with precision and passion. Drifter is a winner." Bluegrass Today - Read more.

"Volume Five is all about bluegrass. They put together good lyrics and good musicianship and cap it with excellent harmony." Lonesome Road Review. Read more. 

“Volume Five has a strong contemporary bluegrass groove, and the vocals and instrumentals are top-notch.” - California Bluegrass Association

"The lead vocals of Glen Harrel infuse the album with a tone of earnest loneliness that instantly captivates. He takes what he is singing seriously, not in an overly dramatic way, but in a respectfully honest way. Because of that, the musical accompaniment that surrounds and often lifts his voice, becomes an extension of it. Volume Five is clearly five musicians playing (and feeling) as one." Parcbench - read more

"The secret to their success has been the appealing voice of fiddler and founder Glen Harrell, and their inerrant ability to choose tuneful songs that suit their sound. They easily blend a contemporary feel with traditional material, but it’s the quality and perceptiveness of the songs they record that sets them apart.: Bluegrass Today

On the latest Volume Five single from Mountain Fever Records, Jacob is out front with the guitar on The Army Vet Song, a new one with a heavy Tony Rice vibe. It has that bluesy feel that permeates Tony’s Manzanita project, telling a somber tale of a military veteran ignored wherever he goes, written by David Coriell. As always, Glen Harrell delivers a flawless vocal with strong support from the rest of the group.” Bluegrass Today

"This is an album that will impress country music fans in general. It displays the best of what Bluegrass has to offer.  It’s an impressive introduction to the band and may inspire delving into their back catalogue." Your Life In A Song (U.K.) read more

"And what would bluegrass do without a faithless spouse, a gun and then "95 Years" with a ball and chain? The band puts the blues in bluegrass with a Levon Helm hit, "When I Go Away." They nail the bluesy riff, proving bluegrass can encompass multiple genre and still keep the fans happy. This is a topnotch band, and they have produced another excellent CD." Country Standard Time read more


"The result is one of their best albums to date." - Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine review of VOICES

VOICES is bluegrass at full strength. From the opener, an inspired reading of Dave Alvin's folk ballad ‘King of California’ to the closer, the ironically titled ‘Faithfully,’ Volume Five shows its affinity for hard-hitting storytelling songs, while numbers like Amanda’ and ‘Colder and Colder’ resound with bedrock emotional truth. A 21st-century band in the best sense, Volume Five yet remains firmly rooted in tradition, in a fusion of old and new that brings to mind, without imitating, the early Country Gentlemen.  Voices fits my definition of a great bluegrass album: one that reminds me why I fell in love with the music all those years ago. If they keep at it at this level, these guys are surely bound for glory.
-- Jerome Clark, bluegrass editor, Rambles.Net

“Sam’s Gap' (VOICES) is a good instrumental, written by guitarist Colby Laney and showing off the strength of all the musicians. Laney also composed “Going Across the Mountain,” a story about a man trying to reach his sweetheart. This track features an excellent musical arrangement, something different from the way groups often take their instrumental breaks." Lonesome Road Review

"The subject matter of the songs written and performed on this delves into the depths of human emotion. The vocal abilities, the amazing songwriting and wonderful musicianship combine to make this band and this album great! Love it, love it, love it!" Tucson, AZ Desert Bluegrass Association